Kindred partners in holistic healing

We welcome our partners in healing, each offering his or her unique approach to holistic healing. Our team is ever expanding so check back often to learn what new and exciting offerings are in store here @ the Centre. 

Mary Picture
Soul Coach

Mary Dixon

Creatively Fit, Reiki

Her mission: To create a safe space for you to connect with and learn to trust your own inner guidance, some call it the soul’s wisdom, Mary has come to call it the heart’s wisdom. It is the place where you expand your idea of what’s possible for your life.

Edward Howell

RMT, MRR Pract

The intuitive blending of various healing techniques during treatment allows me to offer a unique perspective of the healing journey to my clients.


Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Brandon Dean


As a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Brandon Dean uses modern, reliable hypnosis techniques and specializes in Transforming Therapy, an advanced application of hypnotherapy that is rapid and effective at resolving client issues.

In founding Red Chair Hypnosis, Brandon has created a boutique private practice that supports clients with specialized attention and a customized, client-centred motivational program using hypnosis to meet their individual needs.

Brandon Dean, a Consulting Hypnotist certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists is the founder of Red Chair Hypnosis and resident hypnotist. Brandon is also a Certified Hypnosis Instructor for the NGH. His work follows the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the NGH. He is also member of the Hypnotherapist’s Union (HU Local 472).

Registered Acupuncturist

Elizabeth Heffelfinger

Elizabeth brings to her patients a sense of health which is a very personal experience – what is right for one person is not always right for another. Health is an experience of responsive and stable balance with an absence of pain on all the levels of body, mind, emotions and spirit. A healthy state is also a relative experience of being comfortable within one’s circumstances.Elizabeth brings to her patients a sense of health and well-being by applying her expertise in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. After over 20 years of experience in Acupuncture, Elizabeth has come to observe that patients can experience a responsive and stable balance in body, mind and emotions through Acupuncture. You can contact Elizabeth Heffelfinger, Registered Acupuncturist through her website:
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Transformative Belief Worker

David Somerville

Theta Healing

Using a unique Heart Connected Theta Healing approach, a session with David can help you uncover and transform Mind level limiting beliefs, Heart level attachments and Body level memories & emotions. "We have the power to change who we have been taught we are, so we can become who we really are." – David Somerville
picture of donna
Soul Solutions for your Human Journey

Donna Somerville

Soul Readings.

Donna Somerville has developed, over the last 30 years, the ability to connect to the Soul Essence of her clients and use that connection for information and healing. We channel "soul solutions" to life issues. We specialize in Heart Work, as the Heart is the gateway to the Soul.
Connected partner in healing


Kindred Spirit

reach out to Dan or Janet today and see if your special talent, gift or area of expertise is a good fit for the Kindred Spirits Holistic Centre.

Join us @ Kindred Spirits Holistic Centre

Are you a Kindred Spirit looking to meet up, offer services and/or treatments and attract others in our community? Then Kindred Spirits Holistic Centre may be the perfect fit for you and us. We are looking to welcome a myriad of treatments, services, events and gatherings. 

Whether you are looking for a space to rent for an hour, ½ day, full day, weekend, bi-weekly or monthly please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your needs and desires.

About Kindred Spirits Holistic Centre

Kindred Spirits Holistic Centre is a nurturing, supportive space to connect individuals & community providing one on one sessions as
well as group workshops & events.
We offer Massage, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Cupping, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Hot Stone Massage, Couple’s
Massage, Yoga, Intuitive Painting, Meditation, Dance & more….
Our centre supports & provides a space for our community of kindred spirits through nourishing mind body heart & spirit.

Our Mission

Create a comfortable inclusive atmosphere where kindred spirits can connect & embrace holistic well being.

Our Vision

Our vision for KSHC is to join, support and grow our community of kindred spirits through nourishing mind, body, heart and spirit here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.